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of professionals don’t trust their Managers
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This dynamic in-house management training course is a robust and relevant response to the fact that most awesome professionals promoted into management roles are setup to fail because they don’t have the skills to manage humans.

No matter how good you are as a developer, marketeer or accountant, it doesn’t prepare you for managing human beings.

70% of professionals don’t trust their manager. What a woeful piece of feedback from team members about their supposed advocate, confidant and mentor. Ever wondered why productivity is low and stress so high? Look no further. Only a pitiful 30% of us trust in one of the most important relationships of our daily lives. Imagine if only 30% of the computers in your office worked properly. The others software hadn’t been updated for a decade, keys stuck and screen flickered… there’d be an uproar! Yet when it comes to managers, companies (especially start-ups and SMEs) do little or nothing to help reverse this terrible statistic.

The Peter PrincipleWe love the Peter Principle, and it’s super helpful for understanding that current skills don’t necessarily prepare you for future roles. Find out more here.

Like a team member who is awesome technically. Their emotional intelligence may not be conducive to people management. They’ll offer autonomy with no accountability and avoid difficult conversations. They’ll not have the skills to coach and mentor or understand how to set clear expectations. The principle talks about employees reaching their level of incompetence. Basically, promoted to a role they cannot competently cope with.

‘The Peter Principle’ was written by Laurence J. Peter, who says:

‘In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence.’

For me, ‘The Peter Principle’ confirms my long-held view that even though being promoted to the role of a people manager probably means you were awesome in your last role, it doesn’t mean you will have the skills to lead a team. This should be a sharp wake-up call for anyone seeking a long career. Let’s make sure this promotion is not your last one!

The Trust Triangle Management Course gives People Managers all the tools that can build trust to increase performance. Contact us now to find out more.

Please note: we do not offer a public course. We only work within organisations

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Our course includes:

Management basics to drive performance
How to manage up
The importance of empathy
How to deliver effective feedback
Manage time and expectation
Emotional intelligence to build trust

Our place or yours

If you fancy our place we have access to over 50 wework locations in London and many more across the world.

We are based in Central London.

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The benefits

Why choose The Trust Triangle?

A clear goal – building trust to increase performance
UCL research says it takes 66 days to change habits
(hence our 10 week course) and not 2 days.
Short burst of training (onsite and online) helps retain learnings. This is a key differentiator from other providers.

Member of:

mbtiassociation of coachingCIPD
Matthew Davies

| Matthew Davies

Matthew consults as a part time People Director, Leadership Coach and Learning and Development Specialist. He sees, first hand, the struggles unskilled managers have when dealing with their team members. Matthew hunted high and low for an appropriate solution but couldn’t find a suitable training program to practically and powerfully resolve the trust issue. This compelled him to develop The Trust Triangle and ultimately write the book.

Matthew has worked with thousands of professionals, mainly in Europe and the USA. He is an accredited coach who has worked for some of the most exciting businesses on the planet: companies from the likes of Vodafone, Stripe and MOO.

A member of coaching at the Association of Coaching, CIPD and a Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute, his unmistakable energy creates a powerful environment for change.  Although Matthew takes his role seriously, he likes to experience life with a light heart, so expect a smile if you encounter him.

Matthew is a consummate communicator who had a previous career as an awarding winning BBC Broadcaster. Whether it’s a full Management Training Program or speaking at your annual conference, Matthew helps individuals, high growth startups and massive corporates to master the principles of effectively managing humans in the workplace.

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Here are some of companies he has worked with:
• Vodafone IoT (telecoms)
• Freuds Comms (advertising)
• Weber (retail)
• Skimlinks (adtech)
• Stripe (fintech)
• (design tech)
• Willis Towers Watson (consultancy)
• BBC (media)
• August Media (publishing)
• Swoon Editions (Furniture)
• Digital Surgery (medtech)
• C Space (consumer)
• CS Projects (construction)
• LeasePlan (automotive)
• Hoop (Children's Events App)

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