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If you manage people, this comprehensive course is critical for you!


  • Focus: Build Trust to Increase Performance
  • Comprehensive and in-depth Course
  • Role and Responsibilities of a Manager
  • Master Emotional Intelligence
  • Learn how to be a great Coach
  • Gain outstanding Feedback Skills
  • Quizzes to confirm learning
  • Short bursts of High-Quality Learning
  • Ongoing support during & after the course
  • Tools to measure success
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The problem

70% of professionals don’t trust their Managers

Online management courses problems

Trust is the foundation of all meaningful relationships. Yet other online management courses make the mistake of focussing on the veneer of a relationship and not the foundational problem of trust.

For example, you can have all the feedback training in the world but if your team members don’t trust you, that training will be useless.

Therefore: To positively grow relationships at work, trust has to be at the centre of that transformation.

Symptom one

CEOs agree 'a lack of TRUST is a foundational threat to their company.'

This is the finding of a recent PWC survey, before Covid. Since then, everything has changed and the workplace has never seen such uncertainty for decades. Your team members need Managers who can effectively rebuild trust.

All the research and your common sense tells you that little trust equals little innovation and poorer productivity. This online management course addresses this problem head on.

Trust the online managements courses

Symptom TWO

Most online management programs are perpetuating the problem, not fixing it.

The ‘trust’ issue is either completely missed or skimmed over in other programs. As an HR Director, Matthew tried to find a solution but couldn’t. So he went out to solve the problem with a practical and implementable program for Managers. 

Our online management courses focusing on trust
Compared with people at low-trust companies, people at high-trust companies report:
less stress
higher productivity
increased wellbeing

“Great training, full of useful and practical tips.”

The Trust Triangle Book

solution - CURRICULUM

What you will learn

Making the Case for Trust

  • Why 70% of professionals don't trust their Managers
  • The components to be an outstanding Manager
  • The Beginners Guide to The Trust Triangle

Apathy, the great disconnector

  • How to combat your inner critic and stop overthinking
  • Connection builds trust and collaboration
  • 6 habits of highly empathic people 

Emotional Intelligence

  • What is EQ and why is it so important?
  • How to increase self awareness
  • Take an MBTI personality test

Manager Basics

  • The role and responsibilities of a Manager
  • The relationship of a Manager
  • The power of purpose

The ENERGY Domain

  • How to build psychological safety
  • Listening skills and 121s
  • How to celebrate success


  • Setting SMART expectations
  • Evidence based practices (visual indicators of progress)
  • Results driven with time management tips

The EMPATHY Domain

  • Be in a team not above it - shared leadership
  • Influencing and impact skills
  • How to Manage Up

Feedback Skills

  • Radical Candor Model
  • Four X Feedback Model

Coach and Mentor

  • The GROW model
  • How to mentor like an 'A' Player

Communication Skills

  • How to present in meetings
  • All hands and bigger events

Review and reflect

  • Solidify learnings
  • Checklist for Change


  • Take a test to pass the course
  • Download your Graduation Certificate

Ongoing support during and after the online management course

You'll become a member of our exclusive and private Facebook group where you can ask questions directly to Matthew and his team, receive more insights and join a growing community of Trust Triangle Managers.

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“One of the most invaluable things I have done in my career.”

Our experience

Three reasons why HR Directors love us:

  • This online management course is developed and delivered by CIPD qualified experts; the industry gold standard for learning professionals.
  • Matthew is a former HR Director so he really understands the struggles of Managers. He’s also an accredited coach.
  • And Matthew has successfully worked with some amazing brands:


Your Instructor

Matthew Davies

Matthew Davies is a top London Coach with over 15 years experience and hundreds of clients. His top selling book 'The Trust Triangle - How to manage humans at work' is dynamically transforming the way people work with each other.

He has worked with Founders of multi- million pound tech startups as well as Leaders of large and small organisations to Managers and team members who want to gain clarity of any roadblocks to success from how to manage humans at work to increasing emotional intelligence.

Matthew wants fast and effective results for his clients, empowering them to exceed their goals and thrive in the workplace.



We’re different from the rest

Just check out our competitors websites...SO DULL! That means DULL content.
We passionately believe that online learning needs to be as good as a TV program. We’ve invested in short bitesize content that is compelling to watch and therefore inspirational enough to put into action. Matthew’s first career was in broadcasting (he’s a former BBC award winning Presenter) and he’s passionate about what he does and that really shows on screen.

We are proud to be a premium product:
If you believe that you can learn to become an awesome Manager for £60 and 6 hours of dodgy content, we wish you luck.
Our course is tailored for Managers who are serious about transformation and understand that means a genuine and purposeful commitment to your learning and development. 

We have a real focus to the course:
Trust is the foundation of all meaningful relationships. Yet other courses make the mistake of focussing on the veneer of a relationship and not building the foundations of deep trust. You can have all the feedback training in the world but if your team members don’t trust you, that training will be useless. Therefore: To positively grow relationships at work, trust has to be at the centre of that transformation. Hence our focus: Build Trust to Increase Performance.

Frequently asked questions

How long does the course take?

It’s built to last 12 weeks. Any good neuroscientist will tell you that 3 day intensives just don’t work as well as paced learning. Bitesize lessons spaced over time are much better. ‘A river cuts through a rock, not because of its strength but because of its persistence.’ It’s just the same with your neutral pathways!

How long is the course available?

The course expires after one year which gives learners plenty of time to revisit the content to solidify learnings.

Can I do it in one go?

Absolutely not. This is a comprehensive course which covers all the main areas required to be an outstanding Manager. Your learning is paced so you can take in all the content. Every week a new module will be unlocked for you. As already mentioned, paced learning is way more effective than a tsunami of information.

What happens once I’ve completed the course?

Well as soon as you enroll you get exclusive lifetime access to The Trust Tribe, a private Facebook group. It’s only for current students and alumni who can meet to share their experiences and tips. Plus you receive a graduation certificate on completion which you can use to prove your continued personal development and promotions.

Can I purchase for a team?

Sure thing, please contact us and we’ll work with you to fulfil your needs.

Ready to get started.

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