People Skills for People Managers


of employees received the silent treatment from their Managers last year


of professionals don’t trust their Managers


reported that their Manager failed to give credit when due

Leadership and Management Training in London

The Trust Triangle is a powerful and practical program for Managers to build trust and increase performance.

Managers are the conduits between the leaders of an organisation and the wider workforce. We have focused on managers for this very reason as they are the delegators, deliverers, operators, administrators, educators, mentors and evaluators (among other duties). Whether you engage with The Trust Triangle for a management training course, 121 coaching or embedding it into your organisation, there is absolutely no reason to use this methodology in stealth mode, so please share it far and wide in your workplace.

Trust is the foundation of all meaningful relationships, yet 70% of professionals don’t trust their managers. 70%! It’s a number that actually surprises few but concerns many. Most awesome thought leaders, from Simon Sinek to Patrick Lencioni to Brené Brown, agree that a lack of trust is the root of faltering relationships and mediocrity at work.

What galvanised  Matthew Davies to develop The Trust Triangle was the lack of tools to actually solve this devastating problem. There wasn’t a clear or, more importantly, practical road map for building trust that centred on one of the most important relationships at work: you and your manager. By implementing The Trust Triangle, you can now offer teams an environment where you (the manager) and your team can genuinely flourish at work, unburdened by the baggage of a people manager without people management skills.

Business Case for Management Training

Managers account for at least 70% of the variance in employee engagement scores.

Companies with low engagement scores earn an operating income 32.7% lower than companies with more engaged employees.

Unlike other management/team leader training programs whose goals are wide, varied and often not fit for the modern workplace, the focus of this methodology is laser sharp. we will demonstrate how to eat apathy for breakfast by showing you how to build trust at work to increase performance. By using clearly defined steps that are simple to implement and powerful when practised, you can become an outstanding manager of humans at work.

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