Boost Trust - Increase Performance

Matthew Davies, Author of The Trust Triangle

Building Trust at Work

High-performing teams have one thing in common - they trust each other. They collaborate with ease and they don’t shy away from difficult conversations.

Trust is the missing link. Don’t let your teams limp along with a Manager who may be technically competent but struggles with people management, or team members who can’t focus or receive feedback. You need to address the trust issues and The Trust Triangle is the answer. We are laser-focused on boosting trust to increase performance and resilience.

Team Member Program

  • Take Responsibility
  • Massive Boost in Focus
  • Team Building through Trust
  • Become Results-Driven
  • Master Difficult Conversations
  • Improve Listening Skills
  • Build Emotional Intelligence
  • Boost Time Management
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Management Training Program

  • Focus: Build Trust to Increase Performance
  • Comprehensive and in-depth Course
  • Role and Responsibilities of a Manager
  • Master Emotional Intelligence
  • Learn how to be a great Coach
  • Gain outstanding Feedback Skills
  • Quizzes to confirm learning
  • Short bursts of High-Quality Learning
  • Ongoing support during the course
  • Assessment to measure success
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Leadership Support Program

  • Specific workshop for Leaders
  • Concise information of program that employees are attending
  • How to hold attendees to account
  • Support Leaders to bring legacy to learning
  • 121 Coaching for Leaders
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If you want a high-performing individual, team and company, trust is critical to success.  Building trust is what we do at The Trust Triangle and all our offerings are created to offer practical and implementable solutions to build trust at work..

Team Workshops

  • How to Build Trust at Work
  • Feedback Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • The Art of Delegation
  • Emotional Intelligence (Insights or MBTI workshops)
  • Influencing and Impact Skills
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Confidence Coaching

  • Build Confidence at Work
  • Be More Assertive
  • Boost Communication Skills
  • Improve Career Prospects
  • How to Manage Teams
  • Master Difficult Conversations
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More about The Trust Triangle

Based on the book ‘The Trust Triangle: How to Manage Humans at Work’, we use this groundbreaking methodology to build trust at work. The author is Matthew Davies.

Check out this video to learn more why trust is critical to high performance and how we can help transform your Managers and Team Members into stand out contributors to your business.
The Trust Triangle Book

“One of the most invaluable things I have done in my career.”

The Book

Trust is the foundation of all meaningful relationships, yet 70% of professionals don’t trust their managers. That has a direct impact on your business bottom line.

Mediocre teams don't produce elite results. Matthew Davies has developed a dynamic program that’s practical and powerful to build trust and increase revenue.

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